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CykelVasan in Sälen

Cycling in Sälen


Sälen offers highlands, bike parks, downhill, trail cycling and widestretched forest machine roads which give you a variety filled experienced mile after mile on your bike. The widestretched highland plateau which makes Sälenfjällen is also fantastic for cycling. Here everyone can find fun trails, young and old, beginners and professionals.

From Sälen village for example you can do the ”King of the Hill” trail with 500m of vertical climb. Here you go up, up and up…

Downhill in Lindvallen
In Sälen Bike Park in Lindvallen you take the bicycle up in the lift over Gustavsbacken, from which you can choose between many different routes back down, suited for all from kids and beginners to those who seek a bigger challenge. All the trails follow the same system as the ski slopes, with a colour based system from green, the easiest, to black, the hardest.

In Sälenfjällen its even possible to try out cycling for the first time, feed your passion or challenge yourself in newer cycle sports. Here we have 300kms of cross country tracks. Sälenfjällen includes iBiking Dalarna, a cooperation between a number of cycle destinations to give you the best cycling experience.

In Lindvallen there is cycling to suit the whole family with XC-trails which depart from Snötorget. Make the most of the opportunity to take the lift up to the top and try out highland cycling!

If you are more of a cross country rider and would rather take longer journeys with slower tempo, you must visit nearby Rörbäcknäs which is one of Swedens fastest growing cross country areas. 

Coutnry roads
In Sälens vicinity there are also fantastic country roads with almost no car traffic in the in the beautiful highland environment underbar fjällmiljö. Possibilities on these roads are endless.

Cycle hire
At the SkiStarshop  at Gustavtorget in Lindvallen you can find most of what you need for cycling, both bicycles and protective equipment.

Bike service
At the SkiStarshop  at Gustavtorget in Lindvallen you can get help with servicing and repairing your bike.