Hiking in Sälen
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Hiking in Sälen

Enjoy a beautiful highland holiday in summer sun or in the autumn when the landscape is lit up with yellows and reds. Many hiking trails start from Högfjällshotellet, as well as bigger challenges like the 90 km long trail along the Vasaloppets course. Hiking is a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone, both young and old.

An easy and convenient way to start your hiking is to take the chairlift up in Gustavsbacken in Lindvallen, and from there choose your adventure. Up top all of our trails are well marked with trail markers so its easy to find your way. In reception we would love to help you with your adventure ideas. You can also buy a hiking map of the area from us.

Welcome to our beautiful open expanses and clear highland air!


Hiking trails near us
Walk over marshlands via a puzzle of wooden walkways and footpaths up to Snögubben, the cafe at the top of Lindvallen, before passing Stensjön with its fantastic stone formations. Stop and enjoy the great view over the valley before you reach Hemfjällstugan where you can enjoy a well deserved picnic. There are a few choices for the route back to Gammelgården.

Depart from Gammelgården
Length: Around 11-14 km
Difficulty: Green
Time: 4 hours
Trail markers: red cross and later yellow cross










Hike to Mellanfjällstugan through pretty old forests and over beautiful pine moors. Then onwards to Hemfjällsstugan where you find tundra landscape ahead of you with a wonderful view!
Length: 22 km
Time: 5 hours
Trail markers: red cross













The southern kings trail starts across the road from Högfjällshotellet. Walk through the big arch and you have begun your hiking of the Södra Kungsleden. It begins with a gentle ascent of 2 km up Östfjällets south side, but the going is easy as the ground is asphalted and well suited even to wheelchairs and families with prams. At the end of the asphalt you will reach Köarskärsfjällets wind shelter where you can enjoy the view. Then continue the trail onwards towards Östfjällsstugan which lies beautifully placed at a small lake.

Depart from Högfjällshotellet
Length: About 9 km.
Difficulty: Green
Time: 2.5 hours
Trail markers: red cross