The Resort


During winter the resort is a world of experiences for those who love to enjoy every moment, during summer time there is a much more relaxed atmosphere, with the great outdoors as your closest neighbour there is ”nothing to do”. But of course, hiking, cycling, fishing, playing golf – there is still plenty of things on offer to keep you busy if thats what you want. Otherwise enjoy a beautiful sunset over the hills and enjoy the tranquility.

Hiking trails start right around the corner and you can choose what difficulty and length you would like on your hike. The ”nice highlands” in Sälen suit all. Södra Kungsleden starts at the hotel and the path is asphalt for the first two kilometers, so everyone can make it up onto the hills in some way. You can even go up with wheelchairs and prams.

Our founder, JW Klüver, who built Högfjällshotellet in 1937, was a daring Norwegian entrepreneur who dreamed of a large, luxury highlands hotel -  a ”health resort in the hills”.  He chose this location because of the length of the winter season and the consistently deep snow cover. We are eternally grateful to him for this. He was praised throughout his life for his ”unprecedented effort to open Sälens mountains for all nature lovers”. We are proud to keep his passion alive.

Welcome. Make yourself at home!

Thommy Backner and family

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Vandring i Sa¦êlen pa¦è sommaren.jpg